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Break It Kids

Break it Kids is the ultimate adventure for kids! It’s a science-backed program with three exciting sections based on Sensory Integration Theory. We’ll get them pumped in “Fire it Up”, organised in “Focus it”, and then they’ll chill like pros in “Cool it”.

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Shane the Chef

Each episode follows Shane, an ambitious, energetic chef and his daughter Izzy, who together run a restaurant in the town of Munchington.
Shane’s firm belief is that when it comes to food, “fresh is best!” And because he’s a chef, food is at the heart of every story.

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Wonderful animated educational song videos which cover a wide range of topics – created by the Lingokids team of educators they are fun and immersive.

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Learn English with Om Nom

“Learning with Om Nom” is an engaging and educational activity series designed to captivate young minds through a variety of interactive and entertaining exercises. At its heart is Om Nom, an adorable and friendly little monster who guides children on a journey of learning and exploration.

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Little Smart Planet

Learn about colours, numbers, the alphabet, seasons, months, parts of the body and more with animated videos created especially for children aged 1 to 5 designed to fuel children’s curiosity for knowledge. 

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Featuring Pantosaurus, a bright yellow friendly dinosaur, his family and friends in colourful animated games and dancing, the two-minute infectious, upbeat song and catchy lyrics convey the important message in a fun, engaging way that once heard, is never forgotten!

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The Adventures of Odie

The Adventures of Odie is an exciting children’s video series that invites young viewers to join Odie, a spirited Korean school-kid, and her close-knit group of friends on their epic escapades in the fascinating world that unfolds after the school bell rings.

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Ella Gator

Ella Gator is an enchanting children’s video series that follows the adventures of Ella, a young alligator who discovers her extraordinary abilities as she begins to grow wings and breathe fire.

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Sir Linkalot

Sir Linkalot is a catalogue of 350+ fun animated videos and quizzes that give children from 4 – 14 years a powerful, yet underused technique, ‘Linking’ (the use of mnemonics), to commit to memory the spelling of those tricky non-phonetic, patternless words.

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High Five Facts

Ever wondered why elephants have big ears or why tornadoes mostly occur in the evenings? High Five Facts is a series of short, animated videos that showcase 5 interesting facts, covering a wide range of topics from

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Pop Fox Theatre

Follow Xixi, Haha, Rosie and the Gang at Popfox Theatre to learn new drama skills that will bring performances to life as well teach children the fundamentals of
drama – voice expression, intonation, facial expression, body movement and much, much more.

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Alphabet Band

The conductor has lost all the letters of her Alphabet Band. Follow the letter sounds and names to help her find her band members! A series of short animations focusing on letter names and sounds, perfect to support phonics learning, reading and writing in a fun and engaging way.

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Bino & Fino

Bino and Fino is a 2D animated edutainment series for boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years. The adventure based series aims to educate and entertain children about the wonderful continent of Africa.

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Zoo Babies – Switch International

A heart warming and inspiring series that welcomes the arrival of new members of the animal kingdom in Zoo’s around the world, as well as showcasing endangered species being born in captivity. ‘Zoo Babies’ is perfect family viewing packaged with fun, colourful graphics designed to capture the attention of all ages.

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Giligilis is a 3D CGI non dialogue animated series featuring colourful, cute, funny birds that teach music and rhythm through the Orff approach.

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The Wolf and Seven Little Goats

In each animated episode children will see how the little goats battle with the bad wolf and how because they are smart they come out on top.
Every time their mother goes to the market she warns the little goats to watch out for the big bad wolf but as soon as she leaves the house the little goats embark on an adventure!

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