Zeek’s Animal World – Switch International

Zeek’s Animal World is an exciting children’s video series that combines fun, information, and education to create an engaging exploration of the animal kingdom. Join Zeek, the lovable robot, as he powers down to Earth on a quest to discover the fascinating world of animals. Each episode is carefully themed, offering young viewers a unique and immersive journey into the diverse habitats and lifestyles of Earth’s creatures.

In this educational adventure, Zeek guides children through a treasure trove of interesting facts and “did you know” trivia about animals. Whether it’s uncovering where animals live, exploring their dietary habits, or revealing the curious ways they sleep, Zeek ensures that each episode is not only entertaining but also packed with valuable insights into the animal kingdom.

The series encourages curiosity and sparks the imaginations of young minds by presenting information in a playful and interactive way. Zeek’s enthusiasm and animated interactions with the animal world make learning about nature an enjoyable experience for children. The carefully curated themes provide a structured yet dynamic approach to teaching, covering a wide range of topics that appeal to the inquisitive nature of young viewers.

Zeek’s Animal World is more than just a video series; it’s a virtual adventure that invites children to embark on a journey of discovery alongside a friendly robot companion. The combination of entertaining storytelling, informative content, and Zeek’s charming personality makes this series a delightful and educational choice for young audiences eager to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Producer – Switch International
Duration – 13 x 30′
Target Audience – 4 – 18 years+
Format – HD
Production Year – 2020
Languages Available – English

Previews and Screeners:

Zeek’s Animal World Screener