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Knowledge Catalogue

Edutainment Licensing works in partnership with Authors and Publishers to license their knowledge catalogue across multiple digital platforms to extend awareness and to help grow global revenues.

Inside Things

The basic nuts and bolts of how things work is explained simply by exploring the natural world as well as the man made inventions that we come in contact with every day or across our lives.

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Food Stories

A series that gives the fascinating back story to show the inspiration, people, cultures, and history behind the development of common dishes familiar to all nations as well as food styles that have become culinary signatures for many countries.

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Cities Of The World

Your first class ticket to the cities of the world. This factual series features large and small cities from around the world to reveal their icons, culture, tourist, and hidden highlights with information about local custom, personality and history.

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Ancient Grains

When you open your kitchen cupboards do images of the rugged mountains of South America the colourful tablelands of Africa and the fertile river valleys of the Middle East dance before your eyes?

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