About Us

Edutainment Licensing is a well-established global business specialising in brand licensing and digital distribution for children’s shows, ebooks, audio, movies, and music bios.
We work directly with various stakeholders such as producers, publishers, broadcasters, video-on-demand platforms, educational distributors, schools, libraries, and Ministries of Education to bring valuable experiences to a worldwide audience.
The company licenses content on a worldwide basis and focuses on kids’ edutainment shows, particularly animated ones that can be easily localised and are ideally suited for teaching English as a second language.
The popularity of shows depends on factors such as the show’s type, production quality, and the number of episodes. Edutainment Licensing has an extensive catalogue of around 10,000 hours of content and collaborates with producers and authors to expand awareness and enhance global revenues.
Max, Head of Digital, is responsible for defining and maximizing distribution and monetization strategies for Edutainment Licensing’s digital catalogues.
If you wish to get in touch with Max, you can email him at max@edutainmentlicensing.com.
Lorien, our Licensing Manager, oversees and manages all aspects of our licensing activity. Her role entails coordinating, planning, and executing our licensing initiatives, while also ensuring smooth day-to-day operational account management throughout the organisation.
Additionally, she spearheads the development and execution of our marketing and trade show strategies, both domestically and internationally.
If you have any questions or inquiries regarding licensing, marketing, or trade shows, feel free to reach out to Lorien at lorien@edutainmentlicensing.com
Denise, with 20 years of experience in the brand licensing industry, possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise across design, product creation, strategic planning, and brand building. Apart from managing brand licensing programs, Denise offers specialized consultancy services and has worked as a consultant for numerous companies on various projects. She assists brands seeking a licensing strategy and also helps licensees in finding suitable brands to collaborate with.
To reach out to Denise, you can email her at denise@edutainmentlicensing.com.