The Racing Years

The Racing Years is an exhilarating and comprehensive video series that provides viewers with a thrilling race-by-race, week-by-week, and month-by-month summary of the most significant international motorsports events and legendary figures. This series takes viewers on a breath-taking journey across continents, revisiting the heart-pounding excitement, glorious victories, heartaches, milestones, close calls, and unforgettable moments that have defined the world of motor racing from its early days to the present.

In each episode we delve into the rich history of motorsports, capturing the essence of the sport’s evolution over time. It showcases the daring drivers, pioneering engineers, and iconic racing machines that have left an indelible mark on the world of racing. From the iconic tracks of Europe to the high-speed ovals of America and the challenging circuits of Asia and beyond, this series offers a global perspective on the passion and intensity of motor racing. Through exhilarating race footage, expert commentary, and intimate interviews with racing legends, The Racing Years brings to life the drama, rivalries, and triumphs that have captivated fans for generations. It offers a unique opportunity to relive the adrenaline-fueled moments and historic achievements that have shaped the sport and its enduring legacy.

Whether you’re a die-hard motorsports enthusiast or someone simply curious about the thrill of racing, The Racing Years is a thrilling and educational journey that takes you behind the wheel and into the heart of this exhilarating world. It’s a celebration of the extraordinary individuals and unforgettable moments that have made motorsports a global phenomenon and an enduring source of inspiration.

  • Producer: Switch International
  • Format: HD
  • Season One: 26 x 30′
  • Production Year: 2010
  • Languages Available: English

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