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Our Sub Agents

Based in the UK Edutainment Licensing has a global reach via a network of sub agents in key territories worldwide.

The NSPCC’s Pantosaurus and the POWER of PANTS

In this picture book published by Ladybird, children will read about Pantosaurus getting a new pair of pants and Dinodad tells him that they will give him special powers. Pantosaurus then experiences a problem at school and just as Dinodad told him, his super pants give him the power to speak up.

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Featuring Pantosaurus, a bright yellow friendly dinosaur, his family and friends in colourful animated games and dancing, the two-minute infectious, upbeat song and catchy lyrics convey the important message in a fun, engaging way that once heard, is never forgotten!

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Little Smart Planet

Learn about colours, numbers, the alphabet, seasons, months, parts of the body and more with animated videos created especially for children aged 1 to 5 designed to fuel children’s curiosity for knowledge. 

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Super Geek Heroes

Super Geek Heroes educates and entertains children while enhancing their development through preschool and early years education.

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