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Our Sub Agents

Based in the UK Edutainment Licensing has a global reach via a network of sub agents in key territories worldwide.

Luna, Chip and Inkie

Best friends Luna, Chip and Inkie use smarts, humour and a backpack full of stuff to help friends who are in a jam.
For this problem-solving trio, a biplane through Eagle Creek is the start of every wild adventure.

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Cabbage and Tyler

Cabbage & Tyler is a heartwarming and delightful animated video series that follows the charming adventures of two lovable koalas, Cabbage and Tyler.

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In the middle of a busy city, in a peaceful forgotten park, you will find Ollie and his friends. A small owl, a little stork, a young frog and five tiny birds live and have exciting adventures.

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Pins & Nettie

Pins and Nettie are best friends and there is nothing they like more than going on adventures together… well, most of time.

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