Helios & Friends

Helios is a small star from a distant part of the universe who has come to the town of Sunhine to learn all about our planet. With the help of his galactic friends, and the smart humans of Sunshine, Helios embarrks on a journery of discovery through science technology, engineering, the arts English language learning, and cool future ready skills.

With every interaction and discovery, Helios grows more fascinated by the boundless potential of human ingenuity, inspired to share his newfound wisdom with his friends across the galaxy and help foster a brighter future for all.

Producer -Nova Studio
Duration – 93 x 10-30’minute episodes: Spanning over 7 seasons.
Target Audience – Boys and girls 6 – 11 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2022-2023
Languages Available – English