Doctor McWheelie

Millions of cards drive along the roads of the cities and villages every day. If any car gets into trouble Doctor McWheelie is always here to help. The kind girl will not only fix the vehicle but also explain to it the way to behave on the road.

Doctor McWheelie animation series will teach small children road safety basics and tell about interesting facts about mechanisms of different vehicles.

Do you like to play construction games for kids and assemble new cartoon cars and big trucks for kids? Watch a new family cartoon for kids about toy cars and trucks and things that go on Doctor Mac Wheelie cartoon channel! Doctor Mac Wheelie is a very good little girl, who helps all kinds of vehicles and machines! She likes to repair all the cars and trucks in her kids’ car garage. Let’s watch car cartoons for kids, learn street vehicles and construction vehicles for kids, and color cartoon vehicles with Dr McWheelie and her friends!

Producer – Project First
Duration – 52 x 4-5′ minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and girls 2 – 5 year
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2014-2019
Languages Available – English, Turkish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish