In Space

In Space is an awe-inspiring video series that embarks on an extraordinary journey through the vast and mysterious realm of outer space. This series chronicles the remarkable history of human exploration and our unending quest to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. With a keen focus on the developments and breakthroughs shaping our journey into the great unknown, In Space offers an enthralling glimpse into humanity’s exploration of the ultimate frontier.

Each episode takes viewers on a captivating odyssey, from the earliest endeavours of space exploration to the cutting-edge innovations propelling us deeper into the cosmos today. It showcases the heroic achievements of astronauts, the ingenious technologies that have propelled us to the stars, and the groundbreaking missions that continue to expand our understanding of the universe.

With stunning visuals, expert insights, and firsthand accounts from space pioneers, In Space provides a comprehensive and immersive look at our ongoing mission to unlock the secrets of the universe. From the history-making moments of the past to the exciting developments of the present, this series invites viewers to join the voyage of discovery and wonder as we venture further into the cosmos, one giant leap at a time.

  • Producer: Switch International
  • Format: HD
  • Season One: 26 x 30′
  • Production Year: 2010
  • Languages Available: English

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