Green Matters

Green Matters is an indispensable video series that takes a timely and comprehensive dive into the critical issues that shape the health and sustainability of our planet. With a focus on environmental preservation, conservation, and eco-conscious living, this series serves as an essential resource for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on the world we call home.

Each episode explores a wide range of pressing topics, from the urgent protection of endangered species to innovative design approaches for eco-friendly homes. It sheds light on the critical challenges our planet faces, all while highlighting the inspiring efforts and solutions that individuals, communities, and organisations are implementing to address these issues.

Green Matters empowers viewers to become stewards of the Earth by providing valuable insights, actionable information, and inspiring stories of positive change. Whether it’s understanding the importance of biodiversity, learning about sustainable farming practices, or discovering how to reduce one’s carbon footprint, this series equips audiences with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices for a healthier and more sustainable planet.

Join us on a journey of discovery and advocacy as Green Matters guides you through the environmental issues of our time. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

  • Producer: Switch International
  • Format: HD
  • Season One: 26 x 30′
  • Production Year: 2009
  • Languages Available: English

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