Zoo Babies – Switch International

Zoo Babies is a heart-warming and inspiring children’s video series that invites viewers on a delightful journey into the enchanting world of new-born animals. The show celebrates the joyous moments of new life, as it unfolds in zoos around the globe. From playful penguins waddling into the world to adorable lion cubs taking their first steps, each episode captures the magic of birth and the precious early moments of these captivating creatures.

Beyond the joy of welcoming new arrivals, Zoo Babies also sheds light on the vital conservation efforts being undertaken in zoos worldwide. The series highlights the births of endangered species in captivity, emphasising the critical role that zoos play in protecting and preserving biodiversity. Viewers are not only treated to the cuteness of these baby animals but also gain insight into the challenges faced by these endangered species and the collective efforts to ensure their survival.

Designed for the whole family, Zoo Babies combines educational content with entertaining visuals, featuring vibrant and colourful graphics that capture the attention of viewers of all ages. The series provides a perfect blend of fun and learning, creating an engaging and wholesome viewing experience for families to enjoy together. Whether it’s the endearing antics of new-borns or the educational narratives about conservation, Zoo Babies is a captivating and feel-good series that celebrates the wonders of the animal kingdom while fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet’s precious wildlife.

Producer – Switch International
Duration – 13 x 30′
Target Audience –4 – 18 years+
Format – HD
Production Year – 2020
Languages Available – English

Previews and Screeners:

Zoo Babies Screener