The Wolf and Seven Little Goats

In each animated episode children will see how the little goats battle with the bad wolf and how because they are smart they come out on top.

Each little goat has a special trait – there is an artist, an athlete, a musician, an inventor, a fashionista, a genius and a dreamer!

 Together they visit cities all over the world including London, Istanbul, Barcelona, Moscow, Berlin and many more, learning about the culture of each but the bad wolf is never very far behind them.

He tries to catch the little goats in a thousand ways but they are way too clever for him!

Producer – Kandosan TV
Duration – 4 – 15 minutes x 104
Target Audience – Boys and girls aged 3 – 7 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2020 – Ongoing
Languages Available – English, Turkish, German, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese.