Sing With Hop Hop The Owl

Welcome to Sing With Hop Hop The Owl, where learning is fun and music fills the air! Join us as we embark on an exciting journey through the world of opposites with our adorable friends, Hop Hop the Owl and Peck Peck the Woodpecker.

We’ll dive into the enchanting realm of heavy and light with our catchy Heavy & Light song for babies. From the weight of a stone to the weightlessness of a balloon, let’s explore the differences together! But that’s not all; get ready to groove to the rhythm of opposites as we sing along to our Fast and Slow song for kids, and unveil the magic of the Quiet and Loud song for kids.

Oh, and who’s that scurrying beside Hop Hop? It’s a charming little spider, joining in the fun! Let’s make new friends and giggle with the incy wincy spider as we play and learn together.

But wait, there’s more! Hop Hop and Peck Peck have some important lessons to share, like the proper way to brush your teeth. Get your toothbrushes ready and let’s scrub away with our feathered friends, ensuring our smiles stay bright and healthy.

So, come on over, sing along, and join the adventure with Sing With Hop Hop The Owl! Get ready for a symphony of laughter, learning, and friendship with our lovable baby birds.

Producer – Project First
Duration – 23 x 2-4′  minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and girls 2 – 5 year
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2022
Languages Available – English, Turkish, German, Spanish, , French, Portuguese, Russian