Entrepreneurship For Kids

Entrepreneurship for Kids is an exciting and accessible program designed to introduce children aged 7 to 12 to the world of digital entrepreneurship. Through 30 minutes of engaging video content, young entrepreneurs can learn the basics of business while fostering independence and critical thinking. The program also includes a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive eBook and a set of 20 colorful, easy-to-use worksheets, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

The video content in Entrepreneurship for Kids ensures that children grasp fundamental concepts in an enjoyable manner, setting a strong foundation for their entrepreneurial journey. The carefully designed eBook complements the videos, offering visually appealing illustrations and easy-to-follow explanations, making it accessible for young learners. Additionally, the interactive worksheets allow children to apply their knowledge, reinforcing their understanding and promoting hands-on learning.

With Entrepreneurship for Kids, children have the opportunity to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability at an early age. This program instills a passion for business and empowers young minds to think innovatively, preparing them for a future of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

Producer – Ontamo Entertainment
Duration – 20 x 1 – 2 minutes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 7 – 12 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2023
Languages Available – English