Pins & Nettie

Pins and Nettie are best friends and there is nothing they like more than going on adventures together… well, most of time.

You see, Pins and Nettie can both be very shy, especially when encountering the unknown or unexpected – could be an unfamiliar door on the Hedgie Highway,
the biggest puddle they’ve ever seen, or the prospect of meeting a new friend.

Pins and Nettie will explore the very real, very common situation of shyness amongst preschoolers and show that there is nothing wrong with being shy. It’s just a different way of being and taking in the world around you.

Yes, Pins and Nettie are shy, but they are still happy little hedgehogs who just need to approach things in their own way.

While exploring the world around them, the two little hedgehogs discover a lot about themselves.

Producer – Monster Entertainment Ltd
Duration – 26 x 5 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 2 – 5 years
Format – 2D Animation
Production Year – 2020
Languages Available – English