From the first video games to the cotton gin; how do the inventions of the past impact the world around us today?

Perhaps now, more than ever, our history is a vital and very present part of the world around us, so it’s hugely important that young people feel a part of that conversation and can see themselves reflected in our shared past.

Untold is an award-winning collection of more than 250 short, compelling, history videos developed in collaboration with high-profile museums and foundations including the N-Y Historical Society, American Battlefield Trust, iCivics and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Not everything worth knowing exists inside the cover of our history textbooks. Untold is here to fill in the gaps and bring new stories to life.

  • Bite-size educational videos (average length two minutes)
  • All videos are made for education supported by learning design
  • K-12 focus
  • Either animated or live action
  • Our Untold (US History & Civics) collection has additional educational resources available for teachers on how to use the videos in the classroom
  • Focus on 21st Century skills, US History & Civics, Social Emotional Learning
  • Also Professional Development titles for teachers available

Producer – Makematic Ltd
Duration – 266 x 1 – 3 minute episodes. Adding another 125+ during 2022/2023
Target Audience – Boys and girls 11 to 18 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2021
Languages Available – English

Previews and Screeners:

Untold: America – Women of the Civil War – https://makematic-portal.atto.io/public/assets/ackl1cj80q

Untold: Art That Changed America – The Golden Age of Illustration – https://makematic-portal.atto.io/public/assets/txl7tjgy92

Untold: Power of the People – Whiskey Rebellion – https://makematic-portal.atto.io/public/assets/y0j9dr80dh