Stories with Om Nom

Every child dreams of having a friend like Om Nom – the cutest green monster ever!

Om Nom’s vivid facial expressions, behaviour, and actions project a very clear image of his character and manage to convey his every thought – they also make him very endearing!

He is kind and always ready to share the last apple (a great sacrifice for Om Nom) and come to the rescue. Curious to the extreme! Something new and mysterious attracts him like a magnet. Skittish, many things can scare a small monster! But brave, this small monster will always pluck up courage and face his fears. Optimistic, even in a no-win situation, Om Nom will come up with a daring plan and inspire others. The world is so exciting, there is no time to stay sad for long!

The series chronicles the daily antics, exploits and adventures of Om Nom, a friendly monster who always seems to find a way into getting himself into comically absurd and surreal situations. The goal is demonstrate how to accept, respect and cherish our differences and to show children how a respectful attitude to anyone, regardless of appearance, physical capabilities, social status, age group, and other aspects, can make the world a better place for all.

In the universe very different monsters live side by side. They all have different appearance, physical abilities, and characters. For example:  Lady lamb is raising a small child with a wild boar; there are kids, adults and old characters like lady Dog, which is an amazing example of age and generation diversity. The series shows children how such characters get along despite their differences teaches them to be less judgmental and more open to accepting differences in others.

Producer – Zeptolab
Duration – Om Nom Stories: 23 Seasons: 229 x 1 – 4′ minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 4 – 9 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2011 – Ongoing
Languages Available – English and Spanish

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