Learn English with Om Nom

Every child dreams of having a friend like Om Nom – the cutest green monster ever!

“Learning with Om Nom” is an engaging and educational activity series designed to captivate young minds through a variety of interactive and entertaining exercises. At its heart is Om Nom, an adorable and friendly little monster who guides children on a journey of learning and exploration.

This series features a range of activities that cater to different developmental areas, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for children aged 4 – 9 years of age.

“Learning with Om Nom” is not just an ordinary activity collection; it’s a dynamic learning experience that keeps children entertained while encouraging cognitive, creative, and emotional growth. With Om Nom as their guide, children will be inspired to explore, learn, and have fun in every adventure.

Producer – Zeptolab
Duration – Learning Activities with Om Nom: 110 minutes
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 4 – 9 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2012 – Ongoing
Languages Available – English and Spanish

Videos Include:

Shape Songs with Om Nom

Draw Fruits with Om Nom

Alphabet Maze with Om Nom

Professions Finger Family

Find the Objects with Om Nom

Spot the Difference with Om Nom


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