Earth to Luna

Join Luna as she travels around the world with her family.

Follow along as Luna and her family go on a variety of adventures asking questions such as “What is the Aurora Borealis?” “What are elephants trunks for?” “Who built the pyramids in Mexico?” and “Where do waves come from?”

Luna sparks children’s curiosity about science and encourages them to wonder and investigate how the world works. Her missions of discovery are both real and pretend. In fact, there’s nothing she won’t do or imagine to find the answers to her scientific questions!

“Earth to Luna!” is all about Luna, a six-year-old girl who is completely, undeniably, and passionately into just one thing… SCIENCE!!!

What most of us might ignore, Luna notices and just can’t rest until she finds out, “Why is this happening?!”

Together, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde will meet new people, go to new places and discover extraordinary animals, sparking their curiosity!

Producer – Monster Entertainment Ltd
Duration – 181 x 11 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 3 – 6 years
Format – 2D Animation
Production Year – 2014 – 2023
Languages Available – English, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Some Mandarin