Pop Fox Theatre

Pop Fox Theatre is an engaging and educational children’s video series that invites young viewers to embark on a delightful journey of drama and creativity. Join Xixi, Haha, Rosie, and the rest of the Gang as they explore the magical world of Pop Fox Theatre, a place where imagination takes centre stage.

In each episode, the lovable characters at Pop Fox Theatre guide children through a series of entertaining activities designed to enhance their drama skills. From voice expression to intonation, facial expression, and body movement, the Gang covers the fundamentals of drama in a fun and interactive way. Through exciting adventures and captivating stories, children not only learn valuable theatrical techniques but also gain a deeper understanding of self-expression and communication.

Pop Fox Theatre encourages creativity and teamwork, fostering a positive and inclusive environment for young minds to blossom. With a blend of humour, music, and colourful visuals, the series captivates its audience while instilling important life skills. Whether it’s a whimsical play, a lively skit, or an imaginative performance, children are inspired to bring their stories to life, building confidence and developing a love for the arts.

Parents and educators can trust Pop Fox Theatre to provide a wholesome and educational experience for children, promoting not only drama skills but also encouraging emotional intelligence and social development. Step into the world of Pop Fox Theatre and let the magic of drama unfold, leaving a lasting impact on young hearts and minds.

Producer – Educational Voice
Duration – 22 x 5-10 minute episodes.
Target Audience – Boys and girls 4 to 11 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2022
Languages Available – English

Pop fox theatre