The Adventures of Odie

The Adventures of Odie is an exciting children’s video series that invites young viewers to join Odie, a spirited Korean school-kid, and her close-knit group of friends on their epic escapades in the fascinating world that unfolds after the school bell rings. Infused with a hint of Greek and Roman myths, this series is a delightful blend of modern-day childhood adventures and timeless heroism.

Meet Odie, the fearless leader of the gang, Cleo, the brainy know-it-all, and Eustace, the lovable goofball with a heart of gold. Together, this dynamic trio of friends takes on every challenge life throws their way, reinforcing the power of teamwork and friendship. Whether it’s standing up to Odie’s mischievous older cousins to protect her cherished snacks or embarking on a cross-country quest in search of a mysterious seafood delicacy, Odie and her friends are always ready to face the unknown.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Greek and Roman myths, the children’s adventures are filled with excitement, mystery, and humour. Much like the great heroes of ancient times, Odie and her friends are destined for greatness and countless adventures. Each episode is a new opportunity for them to learn, grow, and forge unforgettable memories together.

The Adventures of Odie is a captivating and heartwarming series that not only celebrates the spirit of friendship but also inspires young viewers to embrace life’s challenges with courage, wit, and a sense of wonder. As Odie and her friends embark on their quest for greatness, they prove that every day can be an adventure, and every challenge can be an opportunity to shine.

Producer – Chungdahm Media
Duration – 28 x 1 – 4 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 7 – 14 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2020 – 2022
Languages Available – English and Korean


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