Super Geek Heroes

Super Geek Heroes educates and entertains children while enhancing their development through preschool and early years education.

Each episode is introduced by either Peter Planet, Suzi Smiles, Ant Active, Jake Jotter, Millie Maths, Ronnie Rock or Vicky Voice and the learning activities focus on curricular areas such as health, literacy, numeracy, creative arts and social-emotional development encouraging children to interact with the content as they watch.

Producer – Yellow Spot Productions Ltd
Duration – Season One – 28 animated videos x 5-9” and Season Two – 7 read aloud story book videos x 11″
Target Audience – Boys and girls 2-6 years
Format – H.264 – MP4
Production Year – 2017/18 – 2021
Languages Available – English, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian (Season 1) and English (Season 2)

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Suzi Smiles – Morning Routine

Ronnie Rock – Rainbow Song

Ant Active – Eating Healthy Food