YooHoo & Friends

In Season One, YooHoo & Friends is about five executives who work for a fictional corporation called Nasty Corp.

When Mother Nature notices that they’ve been slowly destroying the earth through water, air, and land pollution, she pressures Father Time to stop them from completely destroying the Earth by turning them into five baby animals.

Together, Lemmee the sourpuss, Roodee the inventor, Pammee the princess, Chewoo the optimist, and YooHoo the leader save the world from all the environmental disasters they caused as their human-selves, in return for the gemstones Father Time planted in the locations they visit.

When all of the gems are found, the Furry 5 can make a wish to become human again.

In Season Two, YooHoo and Friends are back to save the Yootopia suffering from pollution in the environment.

In their peaceful village, their new friends are flocking to search for shelter after losing their homes on Earth. YooHoo and Friends get along with their new friends in a town filled with joy and friendship.

There is a magical spring in the Yootopia, where people sat that it can make you youthful forever with a couple of sips, it also helps our friends keep pure hearts and the peace in the village.

One day, Mr. Big Boss learns about this miraculous spring and plans to make big profits selling this enchanted water. He and his never-helpful-assistants, Oops and Coops, watch for an opportunity to pollute YooHoo and Friends beautiful town and drive them out to build a factory in Yootopia to produce and sell “Live Forever” water bottles.

Producer – Aurora
Duration – 52 x 11 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 3 – 8 years
Format – 2D HD 16:9
Production Year – 2012
Languages Available – English


YooHoo and Friends 2 Episodic Synopsis