Welcome to the World of Tiny Tusks

  • Licensor – LTP Productions Ltd
  • Number of Titles : 3
  • Target Audience – Boys and girls 3+ years
  • Production Year – 2018
  • Languages Available – English

Tiny Tusks are fun and magical stories for pre-school and early school boys and girls aged 4 – 8 years.

Climate change, deforestation, ocean pollution, unsustainable resources and wildlife trafficking are all major threats that are facing us today and Tiny Tusks are passionate about raising these issues with our children in a light and entertaining way wanting to inspire them to become planet protectors and making positive choices for a more sustainable future.

Each Tiny Tusk adventure is a tiny epic, filled with magic, inspiration and a touch of eco wisdom which makes the brand a powerful platform for interactive learning, raising awareness by bringing education and play together.

Teaching young people about globalisation is central to the Early Years curriculum and kids learn best when they’re having fun, so all the serious environmental stuff that matters to the Tiny Tusks is rolled up into rewarding, bite-sized nuggets.

Tiny Tusks are powerful teachers, entertainers and story-tellers, perfect for today’s planet-loving generations. 

Picture books

  • The Secret of Tiny Tusk Island
  • The Banana Superhighway
  • The Sunshine Pancake Shack

In Development

  • The Big Buzz
  • The Glorious Island Bake Off
  • The Missing River
Tiny Tusks Introduction FEB 2023