The Morrow Secrets

By Susan McNally

Talitha Mouldson’s family have buried their secrets for decades but now it’s time for the truth to come out.

  • Publication date: November 2015
  • ISBN: 9781782262916
  • Product format: Paperback
  • Extent: 376 pp
  • Pictures: 20 Illustrations, black & white
  • Format: 129 x 198 mm
  • BIC Codes: YFH, YFD
  • Series: The Morrow Secrets


When Talitha Mouldson discovers a mysterious journal, she realises her family’s deception runs deeper than she could ever have imagined. With the help of her brother, she sets out on a quest to unearth the truth – a quest that will take them across treacherous lands where danger lurks around every corner. The more steps they take on this adventure, the deeper into darkness they travel. Will Talitha make it out of the deep shadows of her family’s legacy, and into the light once more?

Or will they find themselves forever trapped within the web of secrets that they once promised to untangle.

Key Reviews

“I can promise you that the story just keeps getting more exciting with each chapter you read.” – Teodora’s Blog

Promotional Information

• Susan McNally did a signing at the Ideal Home Show in 2015

• Susan McNally did a signing at the Festive Gift Fair in 2016

Author biography

Susan McNally’s love of books and haunting tales began in her early childhood spent in the north of England. Her parents were inspiring story tellers, recounting ghost stories and fairy tales which ignited her life-long love of fantasy and mystery genres. Susan lives in North London with her husband and any one of their four children who happen to be passing through.