Sweet Cherry Publishing secures publishing deal for the Horace & Co story book collection

We are excited to announce a new publishing partnership with Sweet Cherry Publishing for the Horace & Co story book collection.

Four titles will launch in autumn 2023 with new stories plus activity and sticker books being added in 2024.

Horace & Co was originally founded after Lynette Dare – co-founder of Flossy and Jim – began writing her own humorous stories for her autistic son.

Using the stories, Lynette helped encourage him to try new foods, meet new friends and prepare him prior to visiting new places.

The Horace & Co humour helps children to relate to everyday scenarios and when they find out that everyone has qualities that are different, they learn that those unique traits make them who they are.

Denise Deane, Owner at Edutainment Licensing said “We are thrilled to be working with Sanjee and the team at Sweet Cherry, we know that Horace is in safe hands with them and are excited for the journey ahead.”

Sweet Cherry is an award-winning independent children’s book publisher based in Leicester.

Founded in 2011 by Abdul Thadha, who grew up in an area of Leicester where children rarely spoke English outside of school and there was a clear divide of wealth, particularly in the ethnic populations.

Access to books was limited in these communities, and although he had been working with childrens publishers for seven years, he didnt feel like enough was being done to reach those children.

His bookselling business, Books2Door.com, was succeeding in developing childrens books into box sets and collections, but he wanted to go one step further and independently publish books that were easier to read, with plenty of illustrations so that children could smoothly follow the stories along and publish in box sets to give children access to a whole library in one affordable purchase.

Sweet Cherrys mission to make reading fun and accessible has taken Abdul and his team all over the world, placed Sweet Cherry next to some of the greatest entertainment brands and retailers, and developed so many rising stars in British publishing.

The Horace & Co story book collection includes – Horace the Disgusted Hamster, Custard the Wibbly-Wobbly Dinosaur, Where are you Mr Blue? and Rock Monster’s Birthday Party.