Super Geek Heroes

Having fun in turn with a mission to learn!

Super Geek Heroes is an animated series featured on SVoD, VoD, Smart TV Apps and OTT platforms around the world. The series educates and entertains children while enhancing their development through preschool and early years education. 

The English Language show is being dubbed into multiple languages (including; Mandarin, Italian, Hindi and Arabic) to enable children, parents and teachers around the world to engage with the content. Aimed at boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years, Super Geek Heroes boasts a comprehensive library of 3D animated episodes and learning activities to support the series.

Super Geek Heroes is loved by millennial parents who appreciate the developmental and educational messaging of the series while their young children enjoy the unique vibrant entertainment introduced by Peter Planet, Suzi Smiles, Ant Active, Jake Jotter, Millie Maths, Ronnie Rock and Vicky Voice.Each video and related learning activities focus on curricular areas such as health, literacy, numeracy, creative arts and social-emotional development encouraging children to interact with the content as they watch.

Super Geek Heroes can be viewed in 196 countries and is watched by millions of children every month.

  • License Holder : Yellow Spot Productions Ltd.