Rosie Roars

Rosie is a fun, cheeky and busy three year old – she loves her family but is full of questions and wants to learn.

Within each book Rosie takes on a different issue or situation and through play and discovery she comes up with a ‘Rosie answer’.

She always discovers three options and combines elements from each to make her own answer.

Rosie stories, teach little ones that it’s good to celebrate who we are whilst learning about others along the way with the help of family and friends in an age appropriate way.

Licensor – Rosie Splashes
Number of Volumes– 1
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 3+ years
Languages Available – English


Picture books for preschoolers 

Rosie Roars introduces Rosie and her family.

Rosie wants to be a lion when she grows up and with the help of her family she discovers three new animals and discovers her perfect animal!

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Rosie Splashes


Rosie series pres 3