Read It Yourself

For over forty-five years, the best-selling Read It Yourself series has helped children practise and improve their reading skills.

It consists of five graded levels that span Reception – Year 2 teaching in the UK Key Stage 1 curriculum: from Beginner Reader where children are consolidating their first phonics skills, to Fluent Reader where children are beginning to read longer stories by themselves.

Each book uses a small number of frequently repeated words to steadily build reading confidence and fluency.

Designed to be read independently at home or used in a guided reading session at school. All titles include comprehension questions or puzzles, guidance notes and book band information for schools.

A brand new look consisting of 128 titles each has been carefully written and has been checked by educational consultant Geraldine Taylor.

For the first time, the Read it yourself series has been book banded for ease of use in UK schools, by well-known consultant Kate Ruttle.

Comprehensive parent and teacher notes about how to get the most out of the series. A spread of questions and fun puzzles at the end of each story gently tests children’s comprehension of what they’ve just read.

Publisher: Penguin Random House – Imprint Ladybird
Number of Volumes: 270 titles
Target Audience: Boys & Girls 4 – 7 years
Production Year: 2013 – 2020
Languages Available: English


Read It Yourself (2024) Presentation