Out Of This Word Partnership with Miko 3

We are thrilled to share the news that we have partnered with the new Miko 3 robot for Out Of This Word.

The Out Of This Word animated videos follow the daily musings of Max and Moon, two adopted siblings that love to use and learn popular idioms and unique phrases.

Miko 3 harnesses the power of Ai to make learning fun and easy with its super-powered brain and supportive personality.

Housing a wide range of academic opportunities and an integrated learning platform, Miko is a healthy gateway to what technology has to offer.

Miko 3 is designed to adapt to its environment, learning about the child and creating a unique bond that deepens over time and has become a trusted name among parents, educators and technologists alike.

Through every milestone, Miko is still driven by the same core vision: to cultivate a love for learning in children everywhere through artificial intelligence and human ingenuity.