Natalie Dormer is the voice of the NSPCC’s Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS audio book

We are happy to share the news that actress Natalie Dormer, star of Game of Thrones and an NSPCC Ambassador for Childline, has voiced the new Pantosaurus the Power Of PANTS audio book.

In the book, children will hear about Pantosaurus getting a new pair of pants and Dinodad tells him that they will give him special powers. Pantosaurus then experiences a problem at school and just as Dinodad told him, his super pants give him the power to speak up.

The book helps children learn about the PANTS rules which aims to help keep them safe. From P through to S, each letter of PANTS provides a simple but valuable rule – that their privates parts are private, their body belongs to them, and that they should tell an adult they trust if they’re worried or upset.

Since the launch of PANTS, 1.5 million parents have already had one of these conversations with their children and the NSPCC hopes the book will help many more parents and carers talk PANTS with their little ones.

Natalie Dormer, NSPCC’s Ambassador for Childline the voice of the audio book, commented: It is an honour to be the voice of the Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS audio book and work with the NSPCC on their mission to fight for every childhood. I have watched my nieces & nephews respond so well to the Pantosaurus song and as a new parent myself, my thoughts have turned to how important it is going to be to have these conversations. The book is a great way to make it feel natural and fun. I encourage all parents, carers and teachers to get a copy.”

We are delighted to be able to offer the audio and ebook to our existing digital platforms and look forward to exploring opportunities with new platforms.

Image by Chris Floyd.