Learn Phonics with Actiphons

Actiphons is an energetic phonics series for children who are learning to read, uniquely combining phonics progression with physical actions.

These lively audio stories practise 70 letter sounds, each with its own fun character and action, to help children become confident, fluent readers.

Following the SATPIN approach, the tiles build across three carefully scaffolded levels initially combining both adult and child text before moving to child-only reading in the final level.

Publisher: Penguin Random House – Imprint Ladybird
Number of Volumes: 70
Videos: 70 x Live action & 70 x animated x 10 seconds
Audio: Audio files are available for all titles
Songs: Song book and audio file for each song x 70
Target Audience: Boys & Girls 3 -5 years
Production Year: 2021
Languages Available: English


Actiphons Presentation