Hopeless Heroes

The Hopeless Heroes collection is a delightful blend of adventure, humour, and Greek mythology. With lovable characters and captivating storytelling, Here Comes Hercules and Arachne’s Golden Gloves take readers on thrilling journeys filled with valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and self-discovery. A must-read for those seeking an enchanting escape into the world of mythology.

By Stella Tarakson – Illustrated by Nick Roberts

Licensor – Sweet Cherry Publishing
Number of Volumes – 10
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 7+ years
Production Year – 2018
Languages Available – English

Titles Include:

Here Comes Hercules

Hera’s Horrible Trap

Arachne’s Golden Gloves

Problems with Pythagoras

Apollo’s Mystic Message

Jason’s Wild Winds

Circe’s Beastly Feast

Odysseus’s Trojan Trick

Hades’ Pet Hellhound

Time’s Up, Tim!

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