Taste Hunters

In an era when intensive farming is favoured to feed an ever-increasing world population – jeopardizing biodiversity and our health – we barely start to get conscious of what we put in our plates.

In this age of tasteless food, the world is changing, growing and rediscovering its agricultural capacities.

Whether it is by perpetuating ancestral farming methods or by inventing new ways to produce better and healthier, let’s tour the world to find, meet and discuss with these committed farmers. They are real modern-day combatants who are the key to the planet’s survival.

Whether they are farmers, market gardeners, bakers or fishermen, they share the same passion for their job and the constant search for perfection.

These men and women, who seem to always want more quality, decided to turn their job into a battle: the battle for taste!

Producer – Only Distribution – TV Only
Duration – 15 x 26 minute episodes & 10 x 52 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 8 years+
Format – 4K, HD
Production Year – 2015 – 2017
Languages Available – English, French and Spanish