They have super sensors and super armours. They are super quick, super builders, super sturdy, super slippery, super strong, super organised and super economical. And they are all around us, quietly existing before our very eyes. Alive.

How can we use the potential of flora and fauna, the greatest athletes of the natural world, to our advantage?

Nature is like a library, a great user’s manual for anyone imagining the future.

There is no doubt: the future is biomimetic and, in 2050, we will have learned how best to harness the amazing library of the natural world and its superpowers in order to better meet our most basic, fundamental needs.

The need to take care of ourselves, to travel, to feed ourselves, to find accommodation and to communicate.

Producer – Only Distribution – TV Only
Duration – 5 x 52 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 8 years+
Format – 4K
Production Year – 2019
Languages Available – English, French and Spanish