Super Geek Heroes

Having fun in turn with a mission to learn!

The Super Geek Heroes English language series is aimed at children 2 to 6 years.

Episodes focus on curricular areas such as health, literacy, numeracy and social-emotional development encouraging children to interact in a fun way with the content as they watch.

The publishing programme includes seven early years picture books introducing the new Super Geek Heroes World.

Each adventure story will feature one of the ’super heroes’ and deliver a core message related to the key developmental areas within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ in a fun and engaging way.

Facts & Learning Developments;

  • discovering elements within each key learning development area
  • introducing animals, insects and everyday objects
  • keeping things tidy, being polite, making promises
  • using nursery items & playthings as props
  • having fun with learning missions in the Super Geek Heroes “World”


  • Picture books
  • Ant’s apple core Mission
  • Jake’s missing book Mission
  • Millie’s number nine Mission
  • Peter’s super space Mission
  • Ronnie’s rocket guitar Mission
  • Suzi’s scare bear Mission
  • Vicki’s violet vowels Mission