Pantosaurus and his PANTS song

Featuring Pantosaurus, a bright yellow friendly dinosaur, his family and friends in colourful animated games and dancing, the two-minute infectious, upbeat song and catchy lyrics convey the important message in a fun, engaging way that once heard, is never forgotten!

The NSPCC worked with Aardman Animations best known for being the team behind the famous Wallace and Gromit films, to create the Pants song and video. 

The #TalkPANTS is a campaign created by the NSPCC that gives parents, carers and teachers the support they need to explain the Underwear Rule to young children aged 4-8 in a simple and age-appropriate way, without using any scary words or even mentioning sex.

Each letter of PANTS provides a simple but valuable rule, highlighting that their body belongs to them, that they have a right to say no, and that they should tell an adult they trust if they’re worried or upset.

Producer : Aardman Animations

Duration : 2 mins

Target Audience : Girls and boys aged 4 to 8 years

Languages Available : English, Welsh and Portuguese