PANDA PANDA – Hand in hand, learning together!

PANDA PANDA is a unique property that specifically supports the development of very young children from birth to 3 years.

There is a lot of learning happening as a child grows from babyhood to preschooler – new foods, new faces, new sensations and new ways to move!

The delightful panda twins, Dot and Beau are curious and cheerful guides – the audience learns all about their big world and it’s so much fun to learn with a friend.

We have an exciting and comprehensive publishing programme for PANDA PANDA which has been created, illustrated and written by an outstanding industry veteran Mona Koth as well a full and inspirational style guide.

Mona, the creator and illustrator has worked as an imagineer at Walt Disney as well as some of the biggest studios including Universal, Creative Associates (Snoopy Peanuts), Saban, Hasbro, and Warner Brothers. 

Mona’s inspiration is supported by Vicki Scott, co-author with Mona of many of the original PANDA PANDA titles.  Vicki comes from a very similar background having been a ‘ghost artist’ for Garfield at his peak as well as having been a hand-picked artist and writer working under Charles Schulz (Peanuts). 

All rights are available worldwide.

PANDA PANDA’s artistic and creative credentials are nearly unparalleled and we predict a long series of successes over the years ahead.