Inspiring kids with a love of veggies, gardening and outdoor play

The Eat Dirt story books are full of happy funny quirky illustrations to encourage the love of veggies, children’s gardening and healthy habits in little “human beans” aged 2 to 5 years.

Eat Dirt stimulates children’s imaginations through stories and creative play, helping little minds and bodies grow strong and healthy through good daily habits. 

Written by the US author and illustrator, Stacy Moore, the Eat Dirt stories and poems have been inspired by fond childhood memories of romping outside in the garden, munching freshly picked berries and digging in the dirt!

The books’ veggie characters each have their own personality representing children of all races and body types. There are also unusual characters that don’t fit any mold, such as Green Thumb Chums (a two headed friendly garden monster), Peeve (a little pet compost pile), and unusual buggish creatures. With such a wide range of endearing characters, every child can find one or more with whom to relate.

While every veggie and animal character are different from one another, everyone is accepted and loved and valued. They each contribute their own special skills to the garden community. Beans don’t expect tomatoes to be like beans, toads don’t expect owls to be like toads, dragonflies don’t expect worms to fly, nor to they think they are better because they can – they can’t dig holes like worms!

Eat Dirt
With Grumpy Bean and Friends

What do Grumpy Bean and his veggie friends like to eat most of all? DIRT! They think everyone else might want some too, but that’s just silly! 

Laugh at these funny vegetables as they talk about the joys of dirt while you also learn good healthy habits like toothbrushing, polite table manners, sharing, and how eating helps you grow tall and strong. Will you be tempted to try a plate of dirt and worms? Of course not!

Eat Dirt is available in standard eBook format and as an interactive eBook. 

Kids laugh out loud at the short silly animations as they proudly press the buttons all by themselves, getting a jump start learning easy computer skills. 



Eat Dirt Story Bible 2021