Classic Stories

Classic Stories such as “The Brave Tin Soldier” and “The Story of the Little Round Bun” are timeless treasures that captivate readers of all ages. With their enchanting narratives and enduring themes, these tales transport us to magical realms where bravery, resilience, and the power of love reign supreme. Through the eyes of a brave tin soldier and a delightful round bun, we embark on heartfelt journeys that inspire us to face adversity with unwavering courage and cherish the beauty of simplicity. These beloved classics are a testament to the enduring power of imagination and the universal values that touch our hearts generation after generation.

Licensor – Vishv Books
Number of Volumes – 6
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 5+ years
Production Year – 2020 – 2021
Languages Available – English

A collection of adapted classic tales, beautifully illustrated to engage the reader.

The Brave Tin Soldier

The Story of the Little Round Bun

The Ugly Duckling