Building Tomorrow

Today, global warming and the decrease in natural resources push us to take up the challenge of building in a more ethical and sustainable manner.

How to design architectures that are both revolutionary and practical?

What solutions can be put into practice to make these places comfortable and respectful of the environment?

Whether professionals or private; isolated or hidden in the very heart of our urban centres… all over the world, eco-housing is constantly reinventing itself. Avant-garde, visionary, the pioneers of ecological construction innovate and share their sustainable solutions with as many people as possible.

What is the challenge? To imagine new habitats with irreproachable ecological standards while preserving our precious natural resources and start a greener lifestyle.

Thanks to meetings with these visionary builders, Building Tomorrow opens the doors to unique places to discover the meaning and share the secrets of the most ecological architectures in the world.

Producer – Only Distribution – TV Only
Duration – 7 x 52 minute episodes
Target Audience – Boys and Girls 8 years+
Format – 4K
Production Year – 2022
Languages Available – English