Arty Mouse

Award winning Arty Mouse is a small character who is big on creativity and he and his friends introduce simple creative skills, enabling children aged 3 to 6 years to express what they see in the world around them through creative exploration and discovery.

Arty Mouse adventures take place in a simplified version of the real world. It is a bright, bold and colourful vector landscape that is filled with two-dimensional objects, buildings and animals.

Everything in the Arty Mouse world is made from simple shapes that children will immediately recognise and relate to their day-to-day experiences.

Imagination, teamwork and creativity help Arty Mouse and his friends to save the day in any story situation.

Every Arty Mouse adventure starts when a child completes a picture of Arty Mouse.

This act of creativity magically brings Arty Mouse and his world, including all of his colourful friends, to life.Arty Mouse stories are designed to appeal to visual learners. The simple stories can be understood by looking at the pictures on each page, even without reading comprehension.

Arty Mouse stories are unique adventures about solving problems with art and shapes.

Because every Arty Mouse character has different strengths, each problem must be solved by the appropriate character or characters. For example, Geo can solve a problem with bold, geometric shapes, but Spiro can solve a problem with whirls, curls and squiggles!

Licensor – Arty Mouse Publishing 
Number of Volumes – 1
Target Audience – Boys & Girls 3+ years
Production Year – 2020 – 2021
Languages Available – English