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Tina & Tony is a 3D series for preschool boys and girls and follow the adventures of baby hippo Tony and baby elephant Tina, two best friends who love playing games together.

They live in Cookie village with their good friends Foxy, Rabbit, Bear, Piggy and Clever Mouse.This cozy world is a reflection of games which happen inside the children’s rooms, where they make their own rules and where their favourite toys come alive!In each episode they invent a new game following their imaginations and discover themselves in situations similar to those of real life preschool children.

There is an emphasis on the warmth and trust between the two friends and how they worry about each other which helps children develop empathy for each other.

The series is voiced by children and each episode is a complete story containing an educational adventure from which both parents and children can take away a lesson. 

  • Producer – Riki Co Ltd
  • Duration – Season 1: 52 x 5 minute eps & Season 2: 52 x 5 minute eps
  • Target Audience – Boys and girls aged 2 to 5 years
  • Languages Available – English
  • Genre – Comedy / Adventure / Edutainment
  • Format – 3D CGI+Flash

Watch the Tina and Tony trailer here

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