Welcome to the world of Tiny Tusks

Meet Mah Mah the Monkey Queen. She’s always on the rampage with her scallywag monkey troop, wrecking the rainforest and making life miserable for all who depend on it.

Tiny Tusks to the rescue! With their awesome special powers, can they put that ratbag Queen Mah Mah in her place and save the day? Mission Ratbag is on!

Tiny Eco Warriors on a BIG mission

Kids are passionate about our planet. Learning about conservation and living more sustainably together is central to the Early Years curriculum.

Tiny Tusks is a fun and magical brand for pre-school and early school boys and girls aged 3-7. The Tiny Tusks are awesome teachers, entertainers and story-tellers for this planet-loving generation. Happy at home. At home in schools. Engaging online. Great fun at bedtime.

From gorgeous picture books to interactive online learning tools, plush toys to animated tales and apps, there’s nothing the  Tiny Tusks can’t do!


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Website : www.tinytusks.com

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