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Super Geek Heroes content can be viewed on the main YouTube channel and on the YouTube Kids App. In addition, the learning missions are available on Amazon plus many Smart TV applications and mobile apps worldwide.

Super Geek Heroes is now looking for licensees in key categories. Denise Deane of Edutainment licensing says ‘Our partners will benefit from our creative and child development expertise offering them the opportunity to engage children with compelling, meaningful content.'

Super Geek Heroes 

Having fun in turn with a mission to learn!

​Super Geek Heroes is a new animated series featured on VOD and sVOD platforms around the world, including YouTube and Amazon. The series has been introduced to educate and entertain children while enhancing their development through early years. 

Edutainment Licensing has been appointed by Yellow Spot Productions to represent the YouTube featured 'Super Geek Heroes' worldwide. The English language channel is aimed at boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years and is anticipated to grow rapidly.

Super Geek Heroes has a library of 3D animated episodes and is loved by millennial parents who appreciate the developmental and educational messaging of the series while their young children enjoy the unique vibrant entertainment introduced by Peter Planet, Suzi Smiles, Ant Active, Jake Jotter, Millie Maths, Ronnie Rock and Vicky Voice.

Each video focuses on curricular areas such as health, literacy, numeracy, creative arts and social-emotional development encouraging children to interact with the content as they watch.
Video on Demand is the future of delivery and parents can choose to allow their infants to engage with the content where they want, when they want and for how long they want, making viewing the programmes completely mobile and instantly gratifying.