A 3D series for primary school children aged 4 to 7 years focusing on the adventures of Captain Pin and his crew, each episode contains an important and valuable science lesson. 

The crew members, under the leadership of Captain Pin, explore the principles of physics, chemistry and biology while traversing the world. 

Each character has its own unique personality and strengths, bringing humour, fun and friendship to every challenge.

Producer- FUN Union

Duration -  Season 1: 52 x 13-minute episodes (CGI 3D)
                   Season 2: 52 x 13-minute episodes (CGI 3D)

Target Audience - Boy and girls aged 4 to 7 years

Format -  H.264 - MP4 

Languages Available -  English

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To view full length episodes please click on the links below
Episode ‘Cute Little teleportation’ -
Episode ‘Itch for Speed’ -
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