25/11/18 - NEW Moji Moji Digital Stickers from Bare Tree Media

Lynette and James have recently worked with students to release their very own digital stickers which can be used in popular online messenger chats. 

The talented students entered a competition at the TechBay event in Torbay, where over 300 students and 22 local engineering and manufacturing businesses helped deliver an interactive programme of activities to engage the young people and excite them to consider careers in Hi Tech Manufacturing, Engineering, Advanced Electronics and/or Photonics. 

With the much appreciated support of our existing licensee in the category, Bare Tree Media, the stickers are now available globally and are free to download.

Lynette said: “The children that entered our ‘Create an Emoji’ competition showed a passion for engineering and also real creative talent. They impressed us so much we were thrilled to be able to give them the opportunity to work on our new digital sticker pack and to see their designs being used in the real world.”

Robert Ferrari, CEO at Bare Tree Media said: “We are thrilled to support an exciting program that challenges students creatively and allows them to have their content go live for their families and friends to engage with all over the world.”