Edutainment Licensing is an independent agency with a tailor made approach to the licensing business specialising in properties that are both educational and entertaining, especially those intended for children in their early years and was set up by Denise Deane in 2016.

Children are born ready, able and eager to learn and play is the primary engine of human growth, it's the way children build their ideas and make sense of their experiences.

They actively reach out to interact with other people,and in the world around them. 

Development is not an automatic process, however. It depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments.

We look to support education where learning is meaningful - with arts, play, engaging projects and the chances to learn citizenship skills to that children can one day participate actively and consciously in the world.

Denise also provides consultancy services to clients on a project basis.

Having been in the licensing industry for almost 20 years Denise has a strong knowledge and experience of the sector with experience across all aspects of design, product creation, strategic planning and brand building.

She is highly motivated, proactive and forward thinking team player with a diverse skill set, strong brand  awareness and an innovator with a flair for creativity and design.

With an excellent standard of verbal and written communication she is highly competent, professional, with a charismatic presentation style, capable of presenting to a wide range of audiences.

What is Edutainment?

Television programmes, movies, books etc that are both educational and entertaining, especially those intended for children in the early years of their education.

A business arrangement in which the contractual owner of a property gives permission to another to use that property under license for a specified payment.